Should You Be Using A Digital Experience Platform?

Wednesday, 22 July 2020  |  Posted in: Most Recent  |  4min read

Migrating to a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a big decision and not one that can be undertaken without considerable thought. For those ready to make the jump, the opportunities to improve your content management and administration, as well as the customer experience on and offline, are significant.

So how do you know if you are ready to move to a DXP? We have prepared a simple checklist to help you work out if now is the time.


1. How many touchpoints do you have?

The more touchpoints you have, the more compelling a DXP solution becomes. Other blogs in this DXP series (links included at bottom of this post) identify a few examples where in-store activity, email, social and website all contributed to the customer experience. Add on top of that third-party advertising, mobile apps or even text message advertising and you are starting to develop a lot of potential touchpoints for customers.

DXPs can help act as a centralised ‘source of truth’ so that you need only update one place and those changes ripple through all these touchpoints, as opposed to having to update each platform or service individually.


2. Are you mainly digital?

In 2020 all businesses have a digital component, but for some it is more pronounced or important than in others. If any part of your customer experience is primarily digital (such as purchasing via an eCommerce store, product research on your website or engaging members via an app) then a DXP gives you the control and flexibility to bend your assets to support your customers.

Any digital platform generates data on the users who visit and interact with it, a DXP is one of the best options for maintaining, analysing and activating that data. With built-in analytics, workflows and stored content DXP’s bring together everything you need to turn insights into actions by using data collected in real-time to dynamically build digital customer experiences.


3. Do you reach a diverse audience?

As you create more touchpoints your audience will continue to expand and become more diverse. Understanding the user journey from one source to another requires you to monitor that entire journey and segment your audience appropriately. The more of the user journey you can keep within the same platform the more accurately you can understand individual users in your audience leading to more specific segmentation options.

Do newsletter subscribers spend more than organic search traffic in our store? Does social traffic hang around longer on the website? Do we have a sale at a particular physical store we want to promote to people in that area? Being able to segment your audience creates lots of opportunities to reach them with specific messages.

At The Digital Embassy we work closely with Kentico Xperience to deliver powerful customer experiences within a world-leading DXP.

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4. Do you already use a suite of digital experience monitoring or marketing tools?

Do you already pay for, and regularly use the functionality of a DXP across multiple separate and siloed platforms? This is often the clearest indication that you are ready for a DXP. Even if you only use some of the functionality of a DXP you may find that the current costs involved are comparable to a DXP licence and as a result, you may be able to upgrade your environment just by consolidating all your services into one place.

Even if you are happy with your current suite of services, a DXP is often a better solution as it brings all the data under one roof. Without the need for integrations or manual data movement, your hard-won customer data is more secure and easier to put to work servicing your customers and community.


5. Do you want to/need to deliver highly differentiated and personalised customer experiences in your digital marketing?

The ability of a DXP to craft a dynamic customer experience is unparalleled. The more you know about your digital audiences the more opportunities you have to differentiate and personalise their experience, which is known to positively affect user experiences.

While creating personalised experiences is always advantageous for your marketing strategy it is just not practical for some businesses. However, if there is any complexity in product choice, or the ability to combine products or services, a DXP can help you capture and action the insights to dynamically push content that personalises and elevates the customer’s digital experience.

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