Six Key Online Market Trends we can expect in 2014

Thursday, 24 April 2014  |  Posted in: Articles  |  3min read

Do you believe your business can keep its social head above water in 2014? How aligned is your digital strategy with your business objectives?

Here’s your online Marketing Trend cheat sheet for the year ahead:


Tip 1: Follow your Followers

Social Media is moving to the next level and you need to understand whether your audience is there as well. If you only focus on the most popular social sites you could miss out on valuable target groups. Make sure you follow your followers – some of the small sites can compete less for your audience’s attention.


Tip 2: Keep Communication Short and to the Point

Savvy customers are becoming picker about what they read and their attention span is getting shorter – keep your communication meaning full, fresh and interesting. Consider multimedia and user generated content as a way of generating an essential base of customer endorsement.


Tip 3: Review and Comment

Now more than ever, providing feedback to consumers with a positive, engaging and considered voice is essential to your brand. Rate, review and detail your values to influence your consumers. Be a brand that consumers want to engage with and follow. Be a market leader in your field.


Tip 4: Use Technology to Engage

Consumers want to use their smart phones to engage with businesses who add value. Developing an App to simplify how you interact with to your target audience and give them a direct call to action that they can act on. It’s about making it easier to do business with you.


Tip 5: Think Local

Over the past five years the online world has attempted to remove location as a business advantage but now that is changing. In 2014 we will see unprecedented adoption levels of Location Intelligence in the social media realm. Businesses have to become location intelligent. Prepare to use your retail presence as a competitive advantage once again.


Tip 6: Step Up Multichannel Marketing

Increasingly, customers use multiple channels including mobile apps and the web to find the information they need, relying less on their relationships with sales representatives. Businesses need to tap into every avenue necessary to reach existing and potential customers. Focus your resources growing your multichannel platforms and even with the smallest of social media budgets you can still achieve a high level of brand awareness.

Your online consumers are becoming ever savvier and increasingly time poor. These six tips for 2014 will help you stay one step ahead of your competition.

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