State of the Web 2019: Digital Strategy for Business

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Our digital agency’s take on 2019

To help you get the most out of your website in 2019, we’ve put together a list of things we recommend as best practice in digital strategy. Make sure to speak with your digital agency about how you can update and build upon your strategy this year to reflect current trends in web design and development.


Manage your customer data securely

Being transparent about the way you handle data is critical to retaining consumers’ trust. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can be integrated with your website and consumer digital touchpoints, helping you capture and track insights into customer behaviour for better business decision making. Due to the nature of these CRM tools, you can more effectively manage and process high volumes of customer data, marketing and sales information securely all in one place. Benefits to this include your business’ ability to build consumer trust by meeting their needs through compliance with data management best practices and privacy laws.


Meet consumer expectations with a good user experience (UX)

Proving your trustworthiness to consumers is essential, but it takes more than that to be successful online. Consumers are now used to instant access to information and communication, intuitive web design and integrated systems that simplify their journey. Any roadblocks contributing to a bad user experience could be all it takes to undo all your good work and lose a potential customer. Make sure to build your websites following a ‘form follows function’ mantra, and support digital strategies which prioritise seamless user experiences across all channels and digital touch points.


Exceed expectations through personalisation

Being trustworthy and providing a good user experience is the new digital standard. To gratify your consumers and strengthen your position as an industry leader, it will become necessary to meet their needs as well as their expectations.

With an ‘in store’ experience, we know that exceeding expectations is all about customer service. When you take your business online, the same principle also applies. Through digital technology, you can work to develop relationships with your consumers and create a memorable online experience.

Centring your digital consumer strategy around personalisation can help you to gain deep insights into your consumers. It can help communicate the things each individual consumer cares about, and ensure your consumers feel understood and valued.

The desire for customised experiences online is a growing trend. This follows from its introduction by wide-reaching players like Amazon, Spotify and Netflix, not to mention social media. The good news is that as well as appeasing consumers, creating personalised experiences can increase your bottom line.


Final thoughts

The ever-evolving nature of the web means rapidly evolving competition; but it also means there are plenty of opportunities to give your consumers the best experience possible and leave a lasting mark on your industry.

Web development platforms like Kentico EMS offer easy-to-use, integrated tools to personalise user experiences and automate digital marketing functions. This enables businesses to deliver real-time, consumer-centric online experiences across multiple channels.

Colville Nette, Managing Director of The Digital Embassy – “ We have been operating in the web services industry for over 20 years and witnessed a continuous shift in consumer use, and expectations. We know that for businesses, connecting with consumers is just the first step. Online personalisation is now something consumers want, and very soon it will become something they expect as part of their day to day engagement with businesses.

In 2019 there will be an ever increasing focus on integrating data systems to provide your consumers with a 360 degree, personalised experience. We expect this will open the door to further digital business transformation initiates and challenges for businesses. Taking a longer-term outlook on digital strategy will allow them to transition into emerging digital technologies that prioritise seamless customer experiences and robust data management practices.”


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