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The average internet user today has no patience for sitting around, waiting for your website to load. Research shows that even a 1 second delay in your page response time can decrease your conversion rate by up to 7%. This may not sound like a lot but the cost of a slow website increases over time.


How to test your website

To find out how well your site is performing, you can use the following tools to test your page speed:

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Not convinced? Here are 3 key points when thinking about your website speed… 


Improved User Experience

Visitors to your website expect the pages to load quickly. Slow loading times are associated with poor conversions as the longer the page load time, the more likely a user is to leave your website. Load times are particularly important to mobile device users. They expect that your website will load as fast on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. Many websites are already acquiring up to half of their traffic from mobile devices and if your website is too slow to load on mobile devices, many will have left without ever seeing your message.

Increasing your websites’ page speed helps provide a better experience for your users. In return you can expect to see decreased bounce rates and visitors increasing the amount of time that they spend on your site. Crucially they are less likely to leave your site and go to your competitor’s faster, more responsive site.


Improved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

In addition to alienating your potential customers, search engine algorithms may also punish your website’s slow load times by returning lower positions in search results.

The speed of a website is among hundreds of factors which are used to rank your website and while it can be difficult to prove that a slow page speed is impacting on your rankings, it is indisputable that poor page speeds are responsible for poor customer experiences and result in loss of conversions.

Even major brands are not exempt from the impact of poor site speed. When Amazon improved their page speeds, they reported increased revenue of 1% for each 100 millisecond improvement to their site speed.


Optimise Your Content

Hosting is only one element of your website speed. The infrastructure and content on your website plays a large importance on how quickly your site loads.

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your website’s page speed is optimising the images which feature on your website. The two most important things to consider are the size and format of the image being uploaded. Use an image editing tool to resize the image to suit the width and height of the website and reduce the colour depth to the lowest acceptable level.

You should also consider the image format as this can also impact on your page speed. Generally JPEG is your best option.

Optimising your images will improve your overall page load time and improve your user’s overall experience on your site.


A simple solution – Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) improve the load time of your site and provides a better user experience by automatically optimising the delivery of your webpages to the user.

CDN’s also improve your website’s performance and decrease spam by limiting the number of  bots and crawlers which can access your site and block potential threats to your website hosting & data.

On a CDN the traffic to website is directed through an external service which gives the visitors to your website a greater experience. And because the CDN service is global, a viewer on the other side of the world will still be receiving an excellent page speed experience.

A typical CDN user can expect their website to:

  • Load twice as fast
  • Use up to 60% less bandwidth
  • Have 65% fewer requests (from bots and crawlers)
  • Be more secure


Supercharge my website from only $25 per month!

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