The Power of Authentic Content Marketing

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Content marketing isn’t new, it isn’t a “trend” or “fad.” Content marketing is a necessity; it should be a component of every business marketing strategy and if it isn’t part of yours, then the only question is, why not?

Whether it be writing a blog, producing a video, creating social media content, putting together a webinar or the copy on your website (yes, this all sits under the umbrella of ‘content’), content marketing contributes to the credibility of your brand and the success of your business.


Why does content marketing work?

Brands produce attention-grabbing, quality content to engage their customers and add value to their existing products and services. Whether that content is amusing, insightful or educational, it aims to connect the brand with their consumers and, hopefully, strengthen their relationship. Now more than ever before the relationship between the brand and customer matters, whether its B2B or B2C, genuine and positive interaction is a route to success. See how you can start creating authentic content or continue reading.

Historically, marketing wouldn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with the notion of being genuine or authentic. Over the past 10 years, there has been a definite shift. Customers are becoming more interested in the stories behind products and are more interested in engaging with authentic brands that are creating content that tells a larger story than just listing a product’s or service’s features.

Authenticity can sometimes be misconstrued as a “buzz word,” but don’t be mistaken, authentic marketing is powerful. Businesses should make sure they’re keeping up and adopting this way of communicating.

In 2021, people are spending more time and engaging in more activities online than ever before. This can be attributed to the natural trend and progression of the digital atmosphere which has been dramatically accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated lockdown responses.

Today, customers are faced with a ‘double-edged sword’. They have more knowledge than ever with magnitudes of information to aid their decision-making process, but, are inundated with choice. They are more likely to actively explore online and use search engines to assist with their decision making, especially if they can find out more and engage with the broader brand story, than they are to be gravitated towards a brand through traditional advertising and marketing.


What makes authentic content marketing important?

The age-old quote ‘trust is earned, not given’, rings truer than ever as digital audiences evolve. Modern users are not only more technologically aware but are conscious of the brands they engage with.

Understanding this customer mindset naturally leads to a more honest and authentic style of communication and content creation that services both the needs of your customers and your business.

Research has shown that Australian buyers do not trust brand communications. In fact, 74% believe brands are lying in their communications.

Authentic content marketing is an inexpensive way to enhance credibility which translates to user behaviour and, in turn, brand loyalty. This can then lead to advocacy and referrals for your business, and let’s face it, third party credibility does wonders!

woman in orange shirt reading her laptop5 steps to creating authentic content

1. Ask, who is this for?

Ask yourself, who is your target audience? Remember that you are producing work for a particular audience, you are not writing a blog for everyone and you aren’t just writing for SEO purposes.

Content should focus on the end-user experience – their wants, needs and takeaways. Focus on objectives such as being informative rather than delivering a sales pitch.


2. Consider your brand’s personality.

If your company were a person, what would they look and sound like? Consider your company’s brand personality and brand voice, character, tone, language and purpose.

Are you complex? Are you inspiring? Are you honest or direct? Are you aiming to share an opinion or educate?

Use these pillars to connect with your audience and be consistent with your brand’s voice.


3. Be original and open.

You do not need to share confidential information or your deepest darkest secrets. What you should consider is being personable and creative.

Do your research. We all garner inspiration from others but don’t replicate what someone else has done – make it your own. Add your own opinions, brand voice and examples. What is your unique positioning or experience to make it authentic, captivating and cut through the rest of the content that user may have seen?


4. Make a plan and be consistent.

Content marketing is a continuous activity. You want to appeal to them and invite them to your channels, you can’t do that if you don’t produce anything for them to see. Think quality over quantity. Everyone’s content schedule will differ based on their business model and objectives, you should work out what your content frequency looks like, and stick to it.


5. Make content everybody’s business.

While creating content is normally the responsibility of the Marketing team it should be everyone’s responsibility to contribute and support this effort. Often the best and most authentic content creation opportunities come from business units that interact with customers or see the business from a unique perspective (like the CEO). Work with these people to understand their perspective and then use that as inspiration to create content for your audience. Creating and supporting powerful and authentic content should bleed through the entirety of your business.

Start creating more authentic content and engaging your customers on a whole new level.
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