Two Hands Wines, a high performing website maturing gracefully

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' ' The Digital Embassy ensures a seamless customer experience for our website visitors and most importantly to the Two Hands team ' '

- Pippa Merrett, Marketing and Communications Manager, Two Hands Wines

Two Hands Wines and The Digital Embassy have been working together as partners for many years. The current website was originally delivered in 2016, when it won a stack of awards including an Australia Web Award for eCommerce, a W3 Gold and a Communicator Award.

In the time since launch, both Two Hands Wines and The Digital Embassy have continued to work on and improve the website with updates and developments designed to keep it functioning and driving value as a powerful eCommerce platform in the competitive online wine market.

Our continued work has improved the user experience and eCommerce journey to make the Two Hands Wines website more enjoyable to use while also incorporating more content about the brand, its products and the amazing vineyard experiences you can also book via the website.

The dynamic, user-facing, front-end of a website is always the most visible part of a website project, but we have spent just as much time and attention upgrading things on the back-end too. Improvements to website performance, user experience and data collection have ensured that the Two Hands Wines website continues to service a growing online wine-drinking audience both here and overseas.

Below we discuss three key pieces of back-end work we have completed recently to help Two Hands Wines, and their website, continue performing at their best.

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It is no coincidence that the Two Hands Wines website won many awards at launch and continues to be highly regarded today.

Two Hands Wines and The Digital Embassy knew that investing time and energy into getting the strategy and branding right, before jumping into development, would help the website mature gracefully.


Example screenshot of the advanced eCommerce analytics tracking on Two Hands Wines website

Analytics overhaul

At the start of a project with The Digital Embassy time is spent defining business goals and objectives for the new website once it is made live. This important step ensures that we, as a design, development and marketing team, remain focussed on the intent of the website. This knowledge is also translated into trackable elements on the website allowing us to directly measure a range of website actions and provide detailed reports on how the new website performs against the objectives identified at the start of the project.

Every website built by The Digital Embassy comes with a comprehensive Google Analytics profile developed to collect basic performance data but it can also be customised to track important actions carried out by each customer that are specific to the client or website.

Recently Two Hands Wines requested an upgrade to the data collection on their website so that they could better associate website activity with eCommerce performance. Gaining a better perspective on how users navigate their website until they convert as a sale has already begun to generate new design and development opportunities.

The Digital Embassy marketing team include Google certified Analytics experts who are able to integrate a range of tools including Search Console and Tag Manager to give clients like Two Hands Wines the most complete view of their website and its users.


SLA to provide constant maintenance and oversight

A complex website like Two Hands Wines’ requires careful maintenance and ongoing oversight, which we provide through a service level agreement, or SLA, that incorporates hosting, maintenance and reporting.

Active monitoring and maintenance for Two Hands Wines is vital as any downtime results in a loss of sales and revenue. By working in close partnership we are able to understand the online requirements, anticipate issues and act proactively to resolve them so that a seamless business and user experience is maintained.


Example screenshot of the product description screen from the Two Hands Website showing a number of integrated modules


Integration of systems that make life easier

Like any business, Two Hands Wines does not have infinite resources, so any improvement that makes simple tasks, like updating the website, easier will free up time to work on other projects. Over the last few years, we have further developed a custom integration that allows the website to build products dynamically from information stored in Two Hands Wines winery management system to achieve this exact outcome.

Key product information such as name, vintage, variety, pricing, tasting notes, alcohol content and available quantities are entered in the winery management system to allow for internal cataloguing of wine through its various stages of production and warehousing. Rather than enter much of the same information a second time into the website this information is brought in via our custom integration saving time, reducing errors and preventing the need for tedious data entry.

Once imported the content can be updated on the website to make it more appropriate for its target audience before the product is published and available for sale on the online store.

' ' The partnership evolution between Two Hands and The Digital Embassy has seen a new website build, to hosting and more recently updates, developments and improvements to UX. We value the expertise and professionalism the TDE team brings to our online presence, and appreciate their considered and agile approach they bring to our long term partnership. ' '

- Pippa Merrett, Marketing and Communications Manager, Two Hands Wines

Long-term partnerships have their benefits

Since starting in 1999 Two Hands Wines have grown into a state-of-the-art winery delivering a top-quality product to markets all around the world and delighting visitors with extraordinary experiences in their Barossa Valley vineyard.

When they came to The Digital Embassy in 2016 they were looking for more than a website, they came looking for a digital partner who was willing to take the time to understand their business and design digital solutions to help them grow. Together, we have helped continue Two Hands Wines upward trajectory and look forward to working as partners for many years to come.

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