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Friday, 30 October 2015  |  Posted in: News  |  3min read

The Digital Embassy is well known for website builds. In a nutshell – we build great websites.

Great because they work;

Great because they help generate business;

Great because they are easy to update and use friendly CMS platforms; and

Great because we don’t just walk away when the site deploys – we stay on the journey with our clients through support packages and constant content and marketing discussions.

We offer more than just a web build.

Here’s what else we can do for our clients and what it all means:


Strategic Planning

We have thinkers. Those thinkers…….think. They think about what a client wants to achieve. They think about how the functionality of the site should operate. They think about what call to actions are required and how do they marry to the client’s overall business objectives. A smart website has a lot of thinking behind it.


Content Strategy

Rather than just plonk some content about the business or product in the website and hope for the best, our team of copywriters, designers and strategists combine to deliver a plan for our clients to know who they are talking to, what they want to say as a business and equally as importantly, what the users are looking to discover when they visit a website.


Content Writing

Our copywriters use a mix of technical writing for the web, colloquialism and journalistic prose to supply content that talks the right talk for the message being delivered as well as speaking the language of the intended recipient. Understanding the client’s business is half the battle. The other is knowing the audience.


Video Production

Whether simplistic animation and audio recorded in-house or full sound and vision packages requiring external casting, contracts, filming, music composition and advanced editing and grading, The Digital Embassy’s Production Department have decades of experience producing all styles of communications across multiple mediums.


Digital Marketing

SEO, SEM, CPV, CPC and every other acronym under the sun is understood and scrutinised by our Digital Marketing Analysts. With a great website and great content, there is also the need for great awareness and reaching out to connect to the target markets. The Digital Embassy’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts run the stats, analyse the results and recommend the ongoing tweaks and refinements that keep websites visible and attract visitors.


Other Design

Our Designers and Art Directors didn’t just cut their teeth producing websites – they have designed and created beautiful communication pieces across various disciplines including print, outdoor, TV above the line branding campaigns and below the line retail sales campaigns. They’ve seen it and done it.

Of course, all these services are available to any client as an individual item that can be costed based on the task at hand, but The Digital Embassy also offers tailored retainer packages designed for clients who need these services on a regular basis. Simply choose what you need and the frequency you need it. A monthly payment can alleviate the heartache associated with individual project costings and offer cheaper hourly rates by purchasing in bulk and on a regular payment plan.

Whatever you need as a business, you can rest assured that the same skill and attention we deliver in our website builds, we also provide in the associated services we offer to ensure your digital communications are given the best opportunity to yield the results you need.

Begin a conversation today and see what we can do to enhance your business.

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