Why use a Google Certified evidence based marketer?

Monday, 18 April 2016  |  Posted in: Articles  |  3min read

As you may have gathered, our digital agency is an authorised Google Partner and our marketing personnel are all Google Certified practitioners. While we are proud of this achievement there is nothing particularly unique about this in isolation. However, our experience has shown that when you combine these Google credentials with knowledge obtained from gaining formal qualifications in evidence based data driven marketing you have a pretty powerful combination.

For most potential clients the natural assumption was that all service providers whom provide digital marketing services employed people with appropriate qualifications in data driven marketing. From our twenty or so years of operating experience our observations have shown this has certainly not been the case. Our industry experience has pointed to large majority of  providers and competitors being either self taught, or trained in alternative marketing disciplines.

This is not to claim that one needs university qualifications as a marketer to be any good. We have known, worked with, and even employed plenty of people in this area who are talented self taught individuals, or have been trained in general marketing practices. Being an employer in this industry we have had the benefit of being able to observed over time the differences in the methods upon which qualified data driven marketers go about their craft, and compare this to others.


Why is having evidence based qualifications important and how does it create value ?

Having formally trained, evidence based marketers, who are also Google Certified practitioners, means our business is ideally positioned to help clients make better strategic and tactical choices based on data evidence with regards to their overarching marketing plans. Our team is armed with the training, track record and industry marketing experience required to identify key business drivers and implement the most effective strategies needed to deliver tangible business outcomes. While marketing is not always an exact science, not using qualified data driven expertise can result in a lot of guessing, wasted time and money being spent with little to show for it.


Being a Google Partner gives piece of mind

In order to gain Google Partner status, The Digital Embassy’s marketing practitioners are each independently assessed for their knowledge and performance. In order to obtain and maintain Google Partner status, our personnel must constantly demonstrate they can meet certain standards and prove themselves in the eyes of Google.

As part of this evaluation process, Google measures our clients’ profitability of the campaigns we create for them, using Google products like Tag Manager, Google Analytics and AdWords. This allows Google to maintain a level of quality control over their brand – and provides great endorsement for us as a digital agency.

It gives our clients confidence they are dealing with experts who possess the knowledge required to maximise these powerful digital marketing tools and generate value for them on a daily basis.


Google Adwords

Every member of our Digital Marketing team is individually certified in Google Adwords – it’s part of the Partner certification process. This is a professional accreditation demonstrating their proficiency in the advanced aspects of AdWords and gives our clients piece-of-mind that the right person is on the job.

If your business needs to attract more users to your website and you don’t know where to start, begin a conversation with the evidence based Digital Marketing team at The Digital Embassy. We can walk you through our process or tailor a complete solution for your digital marketing needs.

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