Will 2015 see the birth of the conversational search strategy?

Tuesday, 23 December 2014  |  Posted in: Articles  |  2min read

Are keyword (paid or organic) search rankings becoming irrelevant?

Will search no longer be about the words that you type into a box but a natural conversation with the user? Will we be buying our part in a conversation instead of buying keywords? And do we need to develop a “conversational” search strategy?

In a recent article written by Ben Spiegel, Sr. Partner, Managing Director of Strategy at GroupM (claimed to be largest media investment companies in the world), Spiegel shares his views on the new Search Conversation from Google.

Spiegel formed these views after attending a meeting between some of GroupM’s top search leads and Google. During this meeting one of the Google engineers stated that he, and many of his fellow engineers who work on Google’s search product, do not actually like the search box; claiming it offers a “sub-par user experience” and that they are concentrating their efforts on the creation of more natural interactions between Google and its users.

Spiegel goes on in the article to say that “Google are constantly trying to create a more natural interaction between Google and its users. Google is attempting to create a more natural search experience and Google engineers have been working on a way to implement search results that are based on your current “search conversation” – in the moment, and across devices, using voice search.”

Traditionally the results shown by Google have always been partially influenced by our past searches but Google engineers are now focusing on our “search conversations”. Search results will be implemented by taking into account what we are searching for now, across our multiple devices using voice search.

For digital marketers and search users alike, if this type of search experience and query becomes mainstream it will be a major change to the way we are doing things now. As Spiegel states, “From an SEO perspective, either rankings will become truly irrelevant or we will have to look at rankings as part of a larger chain.”

Our digital marketers will need to consider if we need a “conversational” search strategy, what that strategy will need to encompass and which conversations we want to participate in and own.

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Read Spiegel’s full article on Marketing Land here: http://mklnd.com/16BzXXD

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