Will A Digital Experience Platform Benefit Your Organisation?

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Digital Experience Platforms, DXPs, are the next evolution in content management platforms but they are more than just an update to the content management system (CMS) model. DXPs create new ways to scale through consolidation and integration of quality tools that will make your content more consistent and easier to manage – no matter where your users interact with it.

In this blog, we look at three major features of DXPs and how they will provide your organisation with a competitive advantage in the world of online content.


Consolidating your costs

A big issue we see with organisations as they grow is that the tools and platforms their early online foundations were built on become limiting, risky and too restrictive. The suite of tools and platforms aimed at small businesses are often designed to only scale so far. Eventually, they become too expensive and prohibitive to manage, requiring too many internal resources to administer and/or duplicate efforts as data is manually moved from one platform to another.

For organisations struggling with these growing pains, a DXP is a great solution as it consolidates all these tools into a single platform which makes them easier to pay for, manage and use. One of the concerns many have about DXPs is the subscription cost which at first glance can seem high but when compared to the individual costs of other platforms plus the costs of managing multiple platforms they quickly begin to compare favourably, even before we start to factor in the additional benefits and efficiency gains of consolidation.


A single tool to scale easier

In addition to simplifying the costs and administration of your online content management implementing a DXP solution will also make using these tools more efficient, reliable and much easier to scale.

When using multiple 3rd-party tools you rely on APIs or other methods of integration to hand data from one service to another, this incorporates potential vulnerabilities that are eliminated when the tools sit side-by-side within the same DXP.

Another area of vulnerability often overlooked is the movement of data between tools, such as website forms to email marketing platforms. Any time this has to be done manually introduces a risk of generating incorrect or duplicated lists and so becomes a time-consuming process in exporting, review and subsequent importing of data by your team.

Using a DXP keeps all the data together reducing the chances that it can be accidentally mishandled, or worse, accessed by those outside your organisation who have found a way to access one of your many tools.

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A central source of truth

Digital Experience Platforms are designed to act as the centre of your online presence and so quickly assume the role of the centralised source of truth, replacing the many siloed and separate content stores that exist when your online activities are spread over multiple tools.

By centralising all your content it makes it easier to locate and, importantly, maintain. Rather than moving across several tools to update product details you can instead update a single database and know that anytime this content is accessed it will now return the updated version, irrespective of the platform.


An experience built around, and for, your users

The piece-of-mind component to a single centralised source of truth is very important, but bringing all this information and functionality within a single platform creates new and exciting opportunities for developing user and customer experiences for your digital marketing.

As much as anything else, DXP’s are about understanding more about the customers you have, opposed to only drawing on what you now know to do more to engage and convert them. DXP’s are great at helping the digital marketers to open up lead and sales funnels while also making the funnel itself more efficient over time. This is largely possible through the ability to dynamically build a personal digital experience around your users.

Due to the co-localisation of data tracking tools, content databases and automation tools, DXP’s are able to truly implement User Centric Design principles where the content is built around the user, their expectations, needs and values. Storing information around how individual users are interacting with the platform, in real-time, allows us to develop dynamic user experiences for the individual user rather than for an aggregate of users in a persona. Dynamic experiences are only possible when a single platform possess, and can action, all the important data.


Balancing the benefits

While some organisations may balk initially at the costs of migrating to a DXP solution, the benefits and potential of these platforms are unparalleled and, for the right business, can make an incredible difference to the quality of their content experiences, the flexibility of their online presence and, importantly, their financial bottom line. If a DXP is the right solution for you, choosing the right web design agency for your project will ensure that your business will get all the benefits of your new digital platform.

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