Choosing WordPress for Business: A Developer’s Perspective

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WordPress is one of the most versatile, user-friendly content management systems (CMS) available. Since it is so powerful, it can be used to build almost any site desired. Uses include everything from small blogs to notable brands like Sony Music, The Walt Disney Company and The New York Times.

The WordPress ethos is centred on constant improvement and the sharing of knowledge. This is the driving force that has rocketed it to its current status, and is why it will continue to be the platform of choice for many businesses in the foreseeable future.

Our team of developers are proud to be among the many WordPress contributors worldwide and have an in-depth understanding of the platform. We have even created our own plugin, Adeptus which is available for download on the WordPress plugin store.

Given our developers’ in-depth understanding of the WordPress platform, this article covers off some of their thoughts and insights into its suitability for commercial use. The following information weighs up the pros and cons to help you decide whether it is the right platform for your advanced business purposes.



Endless Website Development and Design Possibilities

One of the main reasons that WordPress is used so extensively across the web is that the possibilities are practically infinite. The platform is so flexible it can be used to create fully functional ecommerce stores, content driven web pages, and membership websites (to name a few).

WordPress’ compatibility with outside frameworks and external API services (such as Facebook and Mailchimp) makes it possible to take the CMS core and adapt it for advanced business purposes. (You can read about our WordPress for Business framework here.)


User-friendly Design for Content Management

When we design websites, we have a whole team of experienced developers to build the best custom solution for our clients. However, we recognise that for these clients to get the most benefit out of their website they have to be able to use it themselves. WordPress empowers even the most non-technical of users to maintain their content, allowing us to hand over the sites we build with complete confidence.

User-friendly design is at the core of WordPress’ principles and is considered in every update. With the introduction of the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0, the end-use has become even more intuitive, allowing our clients to do even more with the websites we design and build.


WordPress Plugins & Tools

The number of plugins and tools available for WordPress is astounding. Currently, there are around 55,000 plugins available on the WordPress plugin website. These plugins allow you to add sought after features and functionalities to your website as you wish.

However, the sheer volume of WordPress contributors poses a problem. Anyone with basic coding knowledge can build and upload their own plugin or theme, resulting in a huge variation of quality. The lack of quality control means that a lot of research, and ideally testing, should be done before implementing any plugins on your site.

We make sure to exercise extreme caution in this area. We appreciate the value that the right plugins can bring to websites, and we only use the very best. Each and every plugin we implement undergoes rigorous in-house vetting to ensure it meets the high standards we set. In addition, we only ever use plugins that aren’t “stale” (i.e. they receive regular updates).


Security With Open Source Development

WordPress uses open source development, which allows people to inspect source code, and copy and modify it as they wish. This amounts to a balancing act of security and risk. Better security comes from the number of people contributing to development. Risk stems from anyone being able to view the code and therefore exploit vulnerabilities.

However, WordPress is also able to integrate with custom frameworks. This means that you can reinforce your site’s security for additional peace of mind and protection.

One such custom framework is our WordPress for Business option. Our framework was built in-house to enhance WordPress for advanced business purposes, including bolstering security. You can think of the WordPress for Business framework as additional protective layer around the WordPress core.

As mentioned in the previous section, plugins can also pose a risk to website security. Plugins bring extra functionality to your website by introducing code ‘add-ons’ to your back-end. However, many available plugins have weak security systems in place. This means that actors with malicious intentions can potentially gain access to your website and data, leaving you blindsided.

The only way to avoid such a situation is by being extremely diligent. We make sure to thoroughly vet plugins before we implement them, and install updates regularly.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Potential

The WordPress platform allows Google to scan, index, and rank sites with ease. Because Google is by far the most popular search engine on the web, it is extremely important that websites are optimised to display prominently.

Using WordPress, you can update and optimise content regularly to ensure your SEO is up-to-date so potential users can discover your business online through search engines.


Global Community of WordPress Developers

As the number one CMS on the web, WordPress has built up an incredibly active community. Across the globe, people share their knowledge and contribute to the platform’s growth. For website developers, this means that solutions to common problems are readily available, saving valuable development time.


Final Words

As of 2019, WordPress powers a third of all websites on the internet (33%) with a large component of these being for advanced business purposes. And still, it continues to develop its offering and gain even more market share.

With the release of WordPress 5 “Bebo” late last year, we saw marked improvements in the usability of the platform for non-developers and business users. With this update, WordPress became even more accessible by making it easier for end-users to make the most of the work done by developers and WordPress contributors like those in our team.

This makes our ongoing work with the platform and development frameworks to enhance, improve the speed, performance, security and ease of use of our clients’ WordPress websites all the more rewarding.

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