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Launched predominantly as a blogging tool, WordPress has often been overlooked as a potential digital solution for many businesses. But now with 26% of the world’s websites powered using WordPress, and their network consisting of nearly 409 million people viewing over 15.5 billion pages each and every month, perceptions are starting to shift. Especially in the world of big business.

WordPress is not only the most popular CMS, but arguably the most easy to use, modern and fully customizable CMS available. The platform is being used for many of the world’s most famous websites, ranging from international news outlets and musicians, to big brands and tech companies.

Whether it is a digital solution for the likes of the Herald Sun, Tech Crunch, to Sony Music, Disney or Katy Perry, the list of diverse mediums for its use is virtually endless. So too are the possibilities when working with WordPress to design a unique website experience which caters specifically to the needs of your business, users and customers.

Dispelling common misconceptions about WordPress

There are a lot of common misconceptions that surround WordPress and its suitability for highly functional, enterprise level website applications. We look to dispel some of the more common misconceptions and offer an insight into why WordPress is trusted by some of the biggest brands and highest trafficked websites across the world.


Misconception 1 – WordPress is fundamentally just a blog platform

WordPress certainly became famous as a blogging platform, but has since evolved into a powerful web software that can be used to create virtually any style or type of website. While the blog feature is still at the heart of the software, WordPress now can be used in a multitude of ways to accommodate much more complex features, workflows, system integrations and advanced e-commerce systems required by some of the world’s largest corporate institutions and businesses.

The WordPress platform boasts a wealth of features that suit almost any business. From the implementation of multiple authors and flexible user types, multilingual capabilities, powerful content publishing tools, media management and integration with social media plugins to name just a few. Expertly built, custom themes and plugins allow for endless functional improvements to a WordPress platform allowing for greater scalability in-line with a business’ growing needs.


Misconception 2 – All WordPress sites look the same

There are thousands of standard, ready-made WordPress themes available. But many of the templates available are quite generic, offering only a limited amount of functional customization which makes them unsuitable for many enterprise web development projects.

A custom built theme however can provide much greater scope to design and build a unique website experience, while also increasing the website operational life by being able to scale and adapt to suit the changing needs of corporate business.

The inclusion of online business services and user centric features such as member portals, event calendars, self-serve quote forms, calculators, social plugins and user support tools help to make each site experience completely unique and brand specific.


Misconception 3 – Because WordPress is open source, it must be unsafe

Although WordPress is open source software, all content management systems, platforms and server environments, whether open source or propriety, are susceptible to security risks if appropriate maintenance and care is not undertaken. WordPress provide continual Security and Maintenance Release’s and with the support of a qualified WordPress professional, they can help ensure best practice security measures are in-place for business use.

The use of custom developed WordPress templates and plugins that are built and tested to meet specified security hardening standards can go a long way to reduce website security and operational risks for business. These risks typically occur when untrusted WordPress themes and plugin installations are utilized for their low cost and convenience. These themes and plugins are commonly sourced from overseas third party providers that accept little to no accountability for their application, security or quality.


How we use WordPress

The Digital Embassy has delivered tailored digital web development and web design solutions for a multitude of clients across many industries. Our in-house software engineers have developed their own framework based on the WordPress platform. This framework has maintained WordPress’ ease-of-use features, and combined them with a highly robust system architecture that can be customised and scaled to deliver the functionality, style and user experience (UX) for any type of business application.

Below are some recent examples of WordPress projects we have launched, some of which have been nominated for industry awards for their design and development.

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