WordPress. Unleashing its full potential

Thursday, 16 June 2016  |  Posted in: Articles  |  3min read

While few would be surprised to learn that WordPress can give you the ability to build a website that is easy to manage, the right digital partner also can tailor WordPress to not only be beautiful, but highly functional and robust as an commercial grade business platform.


Is WordPress right for you?

There are many WordPress based template website builders on the market today that allow you to build a site yourself with little expertise. The problem with many of these template builders is that your website will look very similar to many thousands of other sites, and you wont be able to easily customise your site to meet your business needs.

A fully customised, or propriety content management system (CMS) on the other hand, like those used by businesses with complex functionality and security needs, can give you a robust and scalable framework to build upon. However, these enterprise-grade platforms tend to be much more expensive and labour intensive to build and maintain.

As a seemly viable compromise, many businesses turn to WordPress, because the platform allows you to choose from thousands of free and off-the-shelf design templates, and use WordPress’s famously simple backend to edit content. These templates allow developers to tap into WordPress’s source code and customise the site as needed. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, not quite.

The problem with using templates designed by unknown developers from WordPress’s developer community is that there is no quality control over the robustness of the foundation on which these templates are built. Think of a car with a shiny exterior, but the engine was built by a tinkerer in their shed. At the Digital Embassy, we’ve worked with dozens of these templates in the past, and found that when it comes time to customising functionality to fit the client’s needs, these templates often break or become highly unstable. That translates into frustration and extra expense for all involved. What is saved in build time is spent on fixing template quality issues and overcoming their constraints.


Our WordPress framework

To solve this problem for our clients while still utilising the intuitive and incredibly easy-to-use Word-Press Content Management System, The Digital Embassy’s in-house software engineers developed their own framework based on the WordPress platform. The platform has the ease-of-use you come to expect from WordPress, but with a highly robust framework that can be customised and scaled to deliver the functionality, style and user experience (UX) your business needs. The framework offers:

  • A single, well supported foundation for all WordPress development
  • The ability to create functionality that is domain-specific and tailored to the needs of the client
  • Simplistic UX
  • Drag and drop media uploading with focus point control
  • Drag and drop editable content regions
  • Integrated Ecommerce enhancements


The Digital Embassy difference

To fully take advantage of WordPress for your next web project, a digital partner with a solid back-ground in building beautiful sites with WordPress is essential. The Digital Embassy’s framework can make the functionality of your new site fit around your business needs, rather than the other way around, while maintaining a robust and secure platform. As a web development company we can also build custom solutions to really scale up your business online. The next time you take on a new web development project, consider WordPress and The Digital Embassy as partners that can bring your website, and your business goals, to life.

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