YourFund: Mobile Claiming App Case Study

Monday, 12 December 2016  |  Posted in: News  |  4min read

Since 2010 our website design agency has been working with a number of national health insurance businesses to develop initiatives aimed at attaining new members, streamlining processes and customer experience, and improving levels of member retention.

Utilising core Digital Business Transformation methodology and principles, we undertook a number of initiatives to help understand how our clients do business and assist them in engaging their members in a more meaningful way.

Some of these initiatives involved:

  • Improving processes that increase efficiency through streamlining changes to digital utilities and properties, e.g. website updates, new mobile or social platforms, etc
  • Updating their website and e-commerce programs, taking a mobile-first approach
  • Integrating social, mobile, web, e-commerce, service efforts and investments to deliver an integrated and frictionless customer experience
  • Updating customer-facing technology systems for improved user experience and convenience
  • Overhauling the digital experience to meet the expectations of today’s member consumers
  • Performing further research into customer digital touch points and the overall consumer journey.

As a result of these initiatives, it was highlighted to us as an agency that we could assist these businesses by developing technological assets to improve their internal processes and better serve the needs of their customers. However, in order to do so we would first need to collate and analyse the appropriate information to define the best strategic approach for the task at hand.


Identifying opportunities through consumer touch points

Analysis obtained from sales system feedback loops and customer behavioural data highlighted that the member claiming experience was not only a key customer touch point, but a major influencer over customer satisfaction and membership retention.

The claiming process involved members having to manually complete forms when making claims and sending them to their health insurer for processing prior to receiving a rebate. Not only did this increase the burden and uncertainly for members, the slowness in receiving rebates and the lack of transparency in the claims process was not conducive to members being able make the most of their cover benefits. These circumstances contributed to negative perceptions around the value received from policies and influenced decision making at time of renewal.

From an organisation standpoint, processing claims was both inefficient and costly. Sales resources were spending more time fielding claiming enquiries and responding to frustrated customers awaiting their rebate payments instead of focusing on value creation activities.


Improving the claiming process and consumer experience

What had become evident in our analysis is that the more convenient it was for the member to access and make a claim, the more value the member would receive from their health insurance cover and remain satisfied.

The Digital Embassy highlighted an opportunity to develop a mobile claiming app, an industry first at the time, which enabled members to take a photo of their claim and send the image directly to the health insurer’s servers so it could be processed immediately.

The product, aptly named YourFund by The Digital Embassy, was designed to be used as a utility tool that could be installed onto any smartphone. It provided members with the ability to photograph and upload receipts directly to their health fund account for processing by their health insurer. This mean’t they would receive their rebate payments in a much faster and automated way.

By ensuring the claiming information is directly attributed to a member’s account, it provides the health fund with the ability to manage claims and push alerts to users through an online console complete with analytics, managed page content and policy uploads. This functionality helps assist in streamlining internal processes for the health insurer, in a more efficient manner with a reduction in the overall administration output for their internal teams.


Digital transformation initiatives benefiting business and customers

The introduction and use of the claiming app has simplified and reduced the processes and associated overhead costs for the health insurers, whilst minimising inconveniences commonly encountered with the more traditional claiming methods for both the business and its members. The YourFund App now provides these businesses with a tangible customer benefit through an enhanced claiming experience designed to win, serve and retain membership.

Discover more about The Value of Digital Business Transformation or if you are looking for a Mobile App Development Agency contact our solutions team today to find out how these principles can help you improve business processes and maximise potential customer value.

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