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Migrated website into WordPress CMS to allow usability of site by administrators of the company pioneering the development of modern electrical systems.


Project Goals

Legrand required their current HPM website to be replicated on a new CMS platform to improve the usability of the site by administrators. The new website was desired to be created in WordPress in order to make site content more readily updatable and reduce reliance on other companies.

Site migration into WordPress CMS offered the following advantages:

  • Simple content creation and management
  • Scalable potential
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) of site structure
  • Plugin functionality
  • Responsivity
  • Enhanced website security
  • Flexible administration options

Challenges & Solutions

To provide Legrand with an exceptional user experience, their vast range of products had to be logically categorised. Product organisation was necessary to give Legrand the ability to add and modify content simply and manage their site effectively.

In order to overhaul the disorderly product categorisation system our web development company created a tool to differentiate their many categories and standardise product naming convention. The whole catalogue of products are now distinguishable by name with no duplications or confusing similarities.

Legrand are now able to intuitively navigate their way to a specific product or use search functionality. They are able to identify the product in question by the descriptive name alone and can easily browse long product lists for inventory purposes. Product management is therefore simplified and has become a more time effective process. Additionally, the logical categorisation and descriptive naming of products improves SEO of the HPM site.


Custom CMS Framework

Our own custom CMS WordPress framework was used to build the new Legrand-HPM website in line with the requested functionality. This development framework is specifically designed for business enterprise deployments and provided the perfect solution for Legrand. The platform utilises WordPress and provides Legrand with all the benefits of its acclaimed user centric features. The framework additionally provides a new robust system architecture to WordPress that can be customised and scaled to deliver functionality, style and enhanced user experience.


Content Management

Our development framework for WordPress is simple to use and highly intuitive, providing Legrand with the ability to manage their own website content without reliance on other companies. The framework is specifically designed to provide a user-friendly interface that makes adding and editing content a time-efficient process. Rich content panel feature sets, moveable content regions, and drag and drop media uploading now allows Legrand to add and modify their own content with ease.

The WordPress framework enables the website to be easily enhanced and scaled with business growth. The HPM website has an extensive range of products that can be extended further as required.



Search Engine Optimisation

The custom CMS platform enables a logical site architecture that is easily crawled by search bots. Along with the product naming convention, this improves the site’s SEO and ensures the site is seen by the relevant consumers.


Security and Maintenance

Implemented under the recommended WordPress CMS hardening guidelines, our development framework provides enhanced website security. The framework has been extensively tested and is subject to continuous improvement and our automated patch updates. While plugin functionality remains a feature of the WordPress framework the use of 3rd party plugins is minimised. Additionally, the site is not reliant on theme constraints thus simplifying maintenance of the website codebase.


Administration Options

Website administration accessibility is not location specific, affording HPM administrators with the convenience of managing their content themselves from wherever they choose. Our custom WordPress framework enables restricted administrative privileges to be granted to numerous users under the control of the main site administrator. This allows Legrand to designate separate people as responsible for certain content as required, such as certain products or stockist information.


The responsive website developed for Legrand-HPM was successfully migrated into our hardened WordPress CMS frameowork, retaining all functionality with minor improvements made. As requested by Legrand, the new CMS solution affords site administrators with the ability to manage content themselves without reliance on other companies. The highly intuitive, user-friendly interface has simplified content creation and modification and the new, logical product categorisation allows for easier product management.

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