Established content strategy and redeveloped website for the Australian owned and developed software company for global businesses.


The Task

In 1991, Sybiz received international acclaim for the release of the world’s first accounting program for Microsoft Windows.

Sybiz has consistently been rewarded for its ground-breaking solutions and is recognised as a Microsoft Gold Independent Software Vendor.

Aesthetically and functionally outdated, the Sybiz website required a major overhaul. The existing site confused visitors with no clear or simplistic path to contact or purchase. It was critical to establish clear call-to-actions for new and existing visitors.

The old site was a mixture of professional language and quirky nature. This mix of playfulness and tech speak did not address how Sybiz wanted to be perceived in the market, nor what their brand stands for.

Sybiz maintains offices in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, as well as partners across Fiji, Sri Lanka, Singapore and beyond, offering dedicated sales and support to the thousands of Sybiz customers located around the globe. Sybiz required a solution that could deliver geographically relevant content to its international customer base.

The existing website was leading potential customers to leave the website without understanding the Sybiz value proposition.

Our Approach & Results

Prior to undertaking any development, The Digital Embassy established a clear content planning strategy for the new site based on business feedback and evidence based data research on user behaviour. This articulated how Sybiz wanted to be portrayed, their target market and the most effective methods to engage both new & existing clients.

With a focus on a an audience who is located in various geo-locations, time poor and has a limited attention span‘learn more’ sections were eliminated, replaced with specific call to actions. Content was reduced, messages were sharpened and content was personalized based on relevance to the geographically location of Sybiz’s international customer base using a In-line GeoLocation Widget.

Responsive Design

A clean, responsive design was created giving users an easy-to-navigate experience on any device when visiting – no matter how large or small the screen size.

Information would stack for ease of viewing or if less important for mobile, would not be included in the smaller screen version.

Persona and Tone of Voice

Tonality was also streamlined to reflect a more professional message on the site, directing the more quirky nature of the business to social media platforms and the blog area where the fun messages could be expanded upon without confusing the serious nature of the problems users were coming to the website for resolution.

Powered by Kentico Xperience

Leveraging the power of Kentico Xperience, The Digital Embassy implemented GeoLocation based Content Personalisation allowing Sybiz to control which Pages, Products, News Articles and Blogs are displayed to users from particular countries. The solution included a custom built In-line GeoLocation Widget developed in-house by our Kentico Xperience certified team which can be inserted within existing content areas to specify images or text to display (or hide) based on the visitors country of origin.

In addition, Kentico Xperience offers Sybiz a suite of tools including online marketing, campaign tracking, analytics , email marketing and various automated services to enhance their understanding of their users to better tailor solutions.

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