The Survivors Guide to Digital Preparedness

Learning from our own experience with the Coronavirus shutdown, and the experiences of other survivors, we have created an eBook aimed at helping organisations prepare themselves for the next major disruption, adapt in the midst of a crisis and rapidly plan for long-term rebound and business survival.

If you’re reading this then there is a good chance your organisation is a survivor, just like ours.

We are very excited to bring you this eBook filled with advice and lessons learned from businesses around Australia who didn’t just survive but thrived amidst the business challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our eBook, the ‘Survivors Guide to Digital Preparedness’, has been designed to help your organisation improve its digital preparedness through lessons learned, case studies, thought experiments and downloadable templates. We have even included a special offer to help you get started!

Simply fill in the request form below and make planning and strategic preparation part of your overall recovery plan for 2020.

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So you’ve survived the initial impact of a crisis, now what?

A crisis can come from anywhere, and at any time, and represents an intense period of difficulty or danger – in a business context this represents increased volatility, dipping customer or client trust and the threat (potential or actualised) that your product or service delivery will be interrupted.

Interruption to products and services is obviously a huge problem for businesses; they lose contact with their customers and this increases the risk of creating bad experiences and negative sentiment which can result in real and lasting brand damage.

Crises like the Coronavirus pandemic are unusual in the way they have affected everyone around the globe, so completely and swiftly, this is an extreme example. Unfortunately, more common crises also have the potential to affect your organisation every day, in ways too many to mention.

In this eBook we present a breakdown of short, medium and long-term strategies that can be implemented to reduce or mitigate the effects of a crisis on your business including examples, tools and guides to help you better prepare.

Let’s jump in.


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