Protect your organisation against cyber threats with a website security review

Don't leave your organisation's website vulnerable to cyber threats.

Take action today to quickly identify risks and prevent intruders from accessing your website and sensitive business information.

Cyber security incidents to business and organizations can have devastating consequences.

Cyber security incidents are common amongst large and small companies, government organisations and non-for profits.​

​The good news is that there are simple and cost-effective measures you can take to significantly avoid or reduce the impact of the most common cybersecurity incidents.​

A good starting point is to look at your own website, identify the vulnerabilities and strengthen your defences. Contact our Digital Solutions Team to find out how our simple Website Security Review, starting from only $450 ex GST can help you protect your website and business.

How does website security review work?

Our experienced team will conduct a holistic assessment and scan of your organisation’s public website to identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities and likely areas that cybercriminals may target.

Our internally developed scripting methods are designed to probe the public-facing side of your digital assets. As this may create flags with your hosting provider and we will liaise with them on your behalf before running any testing to ensure you are not affected by the scan. Our scan does not require access to your website or systems.

We will provide a report that summarises the findings and includes recommendations that can be shared with your internal teams and actioned immediately. Alternatively, you can engage our services to make any necessary changes or perform a more extensive security assessment for your website where needed.

Why should you act now?

In June the Australian Government announced that it was monitoring a significant and sustained cyber-attack aimed at both government and private industry. At the same time, the mass migration to working-from-home has opened a range of new opportunities for hackers to compromise your website and unlock your internal networks.

We understand that your internal resources may often be stretched for time or may not understand the complexities of website security maintenance or establishing protocols for managing potential security risks.

We also know that maintaining your website’s security can underpin economic goals, providing the framework needed to scale, grow and create value for digital consumers.​

Benefits from improved website security

Completing a website security review is an important, and very beneficial, step in improving your organisation’s holistic security position. The main benefits include:

  • Reduced Risks
    In the majority of cases, websites are compromised via well-known vulnerabilities that just haven’t been resolved. By completing our website security review these issues can be uncovered, enabling them to be resolved before they can be exploited.
  • Secured Access
    In addition to our scanning website review, we can provide additional suggestions on how to secure your website and digital tools including user and password management strategies that reduce the risk of your website becoming compromised.
  • Peace Of Mind
    Cybercriminals are often motivated by financial gain and need to be able to benefit from their work. Increasing the effort required to exploit known website vulnerabilities can dramatically reduce an intruder’s capacity to earn a return on their investment. Any additional work needed to try and access your site will make it uneconomical for cybercriminals to peruse and more likely to see them move on to an easier target. Our review aims to identify measures needed to bring your website up to a standard of security to give you greater peace of mind.

Book your Website Security Review

To book your website security review, or speak with our Digital Solutions Team about your website security please complete the form below. We will be in contact shortly after to confirm your service booking and any associated costs.


  • The minimum cost for Website Security Review is *$450 ex GST. Depending on your specific requirements any additional cost will be quoted and must be accepted by you, prior to the services being performed.
  • The Website Security Review is a high-level assessment intended to identify a limited range of common security related issues and criteria. Purchase of the review does not guarantee or include all possible security-related issues that may affect your website or hosting. For an additional cost, a more extensive security assessment including penetration testing and other types of testing of backups, access controls and permissions will be performed for this purpose. This service will be quoted upon request.
  • It is a condition of this offer that the client understands and accepts that performing a security scan of their website may potentially generate sensitive information. The Digital Embassy will collect and store this information securely only for the purpose of carrying out the Website Security Review and then destroy it after providing it to the client.
  • Offer excludes the costs of implementing fixes, patches, version upgrades or any other recommendations to your website and server. These can be quoted and performed at an additional cost upon request.
  • Purchase of the Website Security Review and all related services are subject to The Digital Embassy Terms of Service.

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